Professional Hygiene Care / Continuing Care

Biannual Hygiene appointment ( 6 Month Cleaning)

Your recall appointment in conjunction with good oral hygiene is of outmost importance as it can help you maintain good oral and physical health. A person should have a dental cleaning ideally twice a year (every 6 months), more visits may be suggested depending on the patient’s needs.
Your hygiene appointment typically will include a professional dental cleaning, x-rays and an complete oral exam.

Did you know…?

Recent studies suggest that poor oral hygiene and gum disease can lead to heart disease and stroke. For more information click here.  

Children’s Oral Hygiene


It is very important for children to be exposed to fluoride in order to help prevent tooth decay and to strengthen developing teeth. Fluoride treatments are applied on children under the age of 14 at every recall appointment.


Sealants are used on children from ages 6 to 14 years of age to protect permanent molars from decay; think of it as a polish or coating that protects the tooth from cavities.


Periodontal Probing/Charting

It’s an exam we perform on our patients to measure the depth of the spaces, or “periodontal pockets,” between your teeth and gums. This exam is used to detect gum disease and or assess the severity of your periodontal disease. 

Deep cleaning/Periodontal Scaling

This treatment is primarily recommended for patients who show signs of gum disease in our comprehensive periodontal evaluation. The treatment consists of the non-surgical removal of tartar and plaque at and below the gumline and the rooth’s surface.  If this plaque is not removed it causes  inflammation, bone loss and ultimately tooth loss. 


Debridement may have to be performed before Perio Charting and Perio Scaling. It is a procedure used to remove thick or dense deposits of dental plaque and calculus that may prevent the dental hygienist from accurately measuring your gums while perio charting.


Professional Teeth Whitening

If you are interested in getting your teeth professionally whitened please give our team a call to set up your appointment!

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